1. What are the distinguishing hallmarks of a Sai School?

A SAI SCHOOL is where knowledge is imparted in the idiom of the cardinal values as taught by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – a School where students are taught not to compete but to strive for perfection and excellence.

2. How many Sai Schools are there in the country?

There are more than 100 schools run by the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations in India that are affiliated to and accredited by the Institute of Sathya Sai Education which has its Headquarters at Dharmakshetra, Andheri, in Mumbai. There are also many schools that follow the Sai System of Education that are run either by individuals or independent Trusts or Foundations.

3. How many Sai Schools are there in the world?

There are innumerable Sai Schools spread throughout the world. There are Institutes of Sathya Sai Education in some countries such as Thailand, the United Kingdom, Hongkong, Fiji, the United States, Australia, Canada, Zambia, that impart training to educators and teachers in value-education.

4. Is there are a Federation or Group of Sai Schools closely connected together?

The Institute of Sathya Sai Education functions as a federation or group of Sai Schools and imparts orientation courses and intensive training in value-education to teachers and instructors from various schools.

5. What is the mission statement of Prashanti Vidya Mandir?

“Transform students into integrated personalities by providing holistic value-based learning inputs and an environment conducive for such learning in keeping with the eternal traditional exhortations ‘Saa Vidya Yaa Vimuktaye’ meaning that which liberates is education and satyam vada dharmam chara meaning speak and realise the truth and practice righteousness.”

6. What are the criteria to get admission in this School?

One can download the application form from the School website and apply for admission during the month of October. The application should be accompanied by all the relevant testimonials of the last attended class and school, pass results, other supporting certificates of excellence and participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. One will be required to write an entrance test either in the month of November or February of the ensuing year. Selected candidates will be intimated by post for taking the entrance test.

7. In what way is this School affiliated or connected to the SSSEI in Prashanti?

Prashanti Vidya Mandir is a school run by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of the State and offers academic courses based on human values. Children from this Institution aspiring to undertake advanced courses in the Colleges and University at Prashanti Nilayam or in other Sai Schools will find it easier to imbibe the learning environment there due to their initial education in Prashanti Vidya Mandir. A student from this School will definitely be given preference in these elite Sai Institutions provided they perform well in the qualifying tests.

8. What type of course curriculum do you follow in the School?

The School follows the syllabi and academic courses prescribed by the Government. But the School has developed its own teaching method and pedagogy to integrate the cardinal values in the learning process or method of imparting knowledge pertaining to all the academic subjects.

9. What facilities do you provide to the day scholars?

Day scholars are picked up at vantage points by the School buses for which the students have to pay a nominal conveyance fee. The Hostel mess also provides midday meal for the day scholars on payment of a subsidized monthly fee.

10. What are the landmark achievements of this School in the past 28 years?

The School has stood the test of time and emerged resolutely through the ravages of nearly three decades. It has produced students who have performed extremely well in life. Some of the earliest ones are well placed in high profile jobs and have emerged as natural leaders. The later students have proved their worth in academics and other spheres of activities in premier Institutions of the country. Some of them even gained admission in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning at Prashanti Nilayam and left their impressions as well-groomed all-round students. Recently one of the students even received the President’s Award for Bravery and Act of Selfless Service. The training in Vedic learning, music, aesthetics, dramatics, various types of sports and games, gardening, knitting and needlework, and painting all in the crucible of human values integrating these with their curricular studies make the students a class apart in terms of their thoughts, words and deeds.