Report on Online Teaching-Learning & Evaluation

The Government of Sikkim announced state lockdown from 18th of March 2020 amidst the outbreak of novel Covid19 pandemic in the entire planet.

The nascent academic year 2020, brimming with confidence, motivation and synergy, suddenly came to an abrupt halt. The grimace of the situation is such that it feels like the end of the world.

The School head, teaching faculties, non-teaching staff, students and parents, nonetheless in such a perplexing time congregated, to make the pedagogy function with more vigour in letter and spirit even staying at home during the lockdown.

Our School, like any other nationwide, obliged with moral responsibility and ethics, launched a massive online teaching since day one of the lockdown through a humble mobile phone. Thanks to the 4G mobile phone network and an affordable internet data providers.

The modus operandi in which the online pedagogy of our School functioned are stated briefly as under.

  • Individual data of students were collected by the respective class teachers before the lockdown. The data comprised of the following:
  1. Name
  2. Class and section
  3. Roll Number
  4. Phone number

The data was made digital by recording them in WhatsApp group for all classes.

  • Subject teachers were made admins in the respective class WhatsApp group.
  • Day wise Subject time table was formulated.

The Messaging option was limited to admins only to create a one way channel of delivering lessons

  • This mode of routine and admins only messaging option helped to create
  1. Class room environment with no disturbances. The many number of students in the group couldn’t post queries in the middle of the class. To answer their queries a different group called Help Desk was created.
  2. The teacher was able to post the lessons in all the classes he/she taught the day the teacher was assigned his/her subject.
  3. Gave teachers ample time to prepare lesson plan for all the different classes he/ she taught.
  4. The students were not burdened with too much of home assignments
  5. The students got enough time to complete the assignments.

Lesson imparted: 1.Personalised audio clips 2. Personalised video clips 3. Tata ClassEdge contents                                 4. YouTube video resources 5. Subject resources / notes from NCERT and other resources 6. CBSE online academic resources. 7. Personal phone call test (e.g. Poem recitation) 8. Zoom based online tests etc.

  • Attendance: data collected through class wise Whatsapp group. Time limit was given for class 2 to 10 to participate for the roll call each day by the teacher admin of the group.
  • Help Desk groups were created from class 2 to 10. It provided a platform for:
  1. Answering queries of the students and parents
  2. Issue genuine news and notices.
  3. Announcements by the Principal.
  4. Entertain addition and deletion of participants.
  • Lesson plans were drafted by the teachers accordingly.
  • Video and conference calls were initiated by the Principal for the same. It facilitated and eased the system substantially.

Our School is already equipped with digital learning resources like Teach Next and Tata ClassEdge which helped teachers impart lessons as well. A resource person from Tata ClassEdge facilitated the teachers to use the contents from Tata ClassEdge to all the students.

  • Conduction of online 1st Sessional Test 2020.
  1. Preparation of Online Academic Plan/Calendar
  2. Preparation of the platform for online test –mobile phone/ pen and paper
  3. Prior Notice to students and parents regarding online test
  4. Issuance of syllabus, maximum mark of the test, online question paper pattern and design to the students and parents
  5. Issuance of Guidelines regarding online test (documents, picture and voice message by the principal to the parents and students regarding the same)
  6. Finalised 1st Sessional test date sheet
  7. Mock online test for students and training for facilitating using vernacular keys in typing answers
  8. Issuance of time guidelines on 1.Attendance 2. Distribution of question paper 3. Writing answers by the students 4. Submission of answer papers.
  9. Module and design of the question papers
  10. Moderation of question design and paper both English language and Vernacular language
  11. Correspondence by Principal with teachers on issuance of finalised question paper
  12. Correspondence by teachers with the students in distributing the question papers
  13. Project based evaluation of class I students
  • Time table bound teaching learning for pre-primary students
  • Successful conduction of online 1st Sessional Test 2020
  • Today, i.e. 16thMay 2020 marks the last online test.

The School recognizes the efforts put in by everyone and acknowledges the support that it has received from all its stakeholders.


Principal & Staff 

Prashanti Vidya Mandir Sec. School

Middle Sichey, Gangtok, Sikkim